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Crankshaft, is the main engine rotating parts, mount connecting rod, can support After lever up and down (to and fro) movement into circulation (rotation) movement. Is hair The motivation of an important parts, its material is by carbon structural steel or ductile Made of cast iron, there are two important parts: the main journal, connecting rod journal, (and Other).
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About Us
 Zhejiang Longxiang Crankshaft Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of crankshaft in China established in year 1995. The company is located in Yongkang city (Zhejiang province), the famous “Metal Hardware City” of China. It covers more than 60,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees, among them, above 50 are technicians and engineers. We have more than 10 years experience in international trading of crankshaft. We’re an excellent taxpayer and Top 200 enterprise of Yongkang city, and have been awarded the title of “Contract Abiding & Faith Keeping Enterprise” and “Advanced Private Enterprise” by Yongkang government.

The company provides various series of crankshafts for small gasoline engine, general service gasoline engine and motorcycle engine, etc. The main products are crankshafts for gardening tools……More

Crankshaft product knowledge

Crankshaft: it is one of the most important parts of engine. Crankshaft is commonly used in medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy Steel die forging and become. In order to improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance, journal surface by high frequency hardening or nitrogen Processing, and the fine grinding processing, in order to achieve a higher surface hardness and surface roughness requirements. it And connecting rod with will function in the piston of gas pressure into rotary power……More
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